Private and On-site Group Training

Create a safer workplace with OSHA-compliant training.

Katy CPR & First Aid brings the training to you! Our instructor arrives at your location with all the equipment needed on a day and time convenient for you.

Whether a weekday, weekend or even early mornings or evenings, we will work with your schedule. Second shift and weekend groups are not a problem!

Whether you need a few of your staff trained or your entire workforce, we have a solution that fits your needs. We can customize training to fit the needs of specific industries and requirements.

We help you meet OSHA job requirements, your organization’s safety requirements or help you instill a safer working environment.

Katy CPR & First Aid will work with your business to devise the right training solution for you. First Aid, CPR, AED, Stop the Bleed, Bloodborne Pathogens or Epi-Pen®; we have the courses you need.

Some of our group and industry experience includes working with:

    • Manufacturing
    • Churches
    • Gyms
    • Schools & Daycares
    • Youth Groups and Ministries
    • Private Instruction
    • Day and Summer Camps
    • Physical Trainers and Coaches
    • Teachers
    • Foster Parents
    • Manufacturing Personnel including OSHA and Safety Teams
    • Youth Groups and Camp Counselors

Contact Katy CPR & First Aid today to schedule a class for your team.

In addition to OSHA compliant certificates, you will have access to free digital materials and mobile apps.

You Never Know When an Emergency Will Happen

Scary events happen. First Aid and CPR training can help you feel more comfortable if and when an emergency situation arises at home.

Many people have been first aid trained at some point in their lives, but did you know that the American Red Cross updates every few years what is recommended for you to do in certain situations? The CPR techniques you learned a few years ago may no longer be the best methodology to use to save the life of a loved one who has stopped breathing. Renewing your safety training or getting your entire family first aid trained can help ensure you are ready should an emergency arise.

“After five to ten minutes of not breathing, you are likely to develop serious and possibly irreversible brain damage.”

Did you know it takes an ambulance an average of 5-10 minutes to arrive at your house? That is fast but is it fast enough? Those minutes are precious, and your ability to act in a scary situation can mean the difference between life and death, between full recovery and a life of debilitating brain damage.

Churches / Summer Camps

Make sure your summer camp is ready. We set up group sessions at your facility to ensure your youth ministers, camp counselors and other staff are fully trained and certified in CPR and first aid. Anything can happen, and we want to make sure your team is fully prepared to offer help to any child who might get hurt or have a medical emergency situation while in your care.

Our First Aid and CPR class is perfect for churches who have youth programs and who offer summer camps. We make sure those entrusted with the care of a child are prepared in the event of a medical emergency.

If your business offers a summer camp, making sure your camp counselors are trained in the event of a medical emergency is critical. We will train your team to be able to quickly get help and provide the necessary aid to a child or infant in those extremely critical minutes before professional help can arrive. Call us today to set up a class at your facility. We will train groups as few as four making sure you are camp ready.

Manufacturing and General Industry

Even if there is a hospital nearby, the life of your employee is not worth the risk. OSHA’s standard for first aid training in general industry, 29 CFR 1910.151(b), states that:

In the absence of an infirmary, clinic, or hospital in near proximity to the workplace which is used for the treatment of all injured employees, a person or persons shall be adequately trained to render first aid. Adequate first aid supplies shall be readily available.

Most general industry facilities and manufacturing sites understand the need for strict safety guidelines as well as the need for extensive emergency preparedness. While OSHA only requires that those sites not in close proximity to a healthcare facility are required to have employees with first aid training, having one or several trained staff members can be what saves the life of your employee.

Every employer in the US is responsible for ensuring prompt first aid treatment for injured employees. OSHA recommends, but does not require, that every workplace include one or more employees who are trained and certified in first aid, including CPR.

Warehouse Accident

Most medical professionals say that for serious injuries such as those involving stopped breathing, cardiac arrest, or uncontrolled breathing, it is imperative that first aid treatment begin within the first few minutes “to avoid permanent medical impairment or death.”

Having a trained and certified first aid safety team on your site is an easy way to ensure your employees begin to get the help they need in a medical emergency situation as quickly as possible.

Katy First Aid & CPR will train your team on-site, eliminating the need for your employees to travel to different places ultimately saving you time and money. We will provide the right training to ensure your employees are able to help those in need during a medical emergency situation. Whether you are a two-person company or multi-site international organization, we have the resources to meet your first aid, CPR and AED training and certification needs.


We provide CPR and first aid training to area gyms. Working with area Crossfit gyms, personal trainers, coaches, gymnastics centers, and fitness studios, Katy CPR & First Aid will come to your location and train your team on-site in group sizes that fit your needs. We can train your team day or evening, weekday or weekend.

Schools, Daycares, Care Facilities

Keeping others safe while in your care is one of an educator’s or care facility worker’s top priority. Being able to act quickly and accurately in the event of a medical emergency is critical to this.

Katy CPR & First Aid knows the training needs of teachers and care workers. We have trained professionals in Katy ISD and area Charter schools in CPR, First Aid, AED and Stop the Bleed. We are also members of Katy ISD’s Community Education Program.

We provide CPR and first aid training for teachers, PE teachers, coaches, preschool teachers, and daycare workers.

Our on-site group training courses are geared towards ensuring area teachers, PE instructors and childcare workers are prepared in the case of a medical emergency situation.

We also make sure you and your team are certified or recertified and job compliant per State of Texas requirements including the Texas Education Code.