First Aid

When you understand first aid, you’ll gain the ability to help those in need.

Katy CPR First Aid CourseKaty CPR & First Aid offers first aid training at your site ensuring you and your team have the skills needed to assist both adults and children during a medical emergency situation. First aid training is available completely on-site or with a blended online / in-person approach.

Katy CPR & First Aid training courses offer quality hands-on skills training ensuring you have the latest information available. Certifications are offered for either American Red Cross or American Safety and Health Institute.

First aid training courses are only a few hours long but offer the skills necessary to help an adult, child or infant in a medical emergency situation while you are waiting for medical professionals to arrive. This course is ideal for manufacturing safety teams and anyone working in childcare. Stop the Bleed courses are also available as an alternative to basic first aid. 

The American Red Cross offers this quick guide to first aid. Katy CPR & First Aid ensures you not only know and understand the steps to take in a medical emergency situation but that you are well prepared and feel comfortable and confident that you can take action while you are waiting for medical professionals to arrive. 

Make sure you are prepared in the case of a medical emergency situation requiring first aid. An accident can happen at any moment. Would you know how to check the scene and the person? To obtain consent? How to Stop the Bleed? Katy CPR & First Aid will ensure you do.

We offer courses in both adult and child and baby first aid. When a child or baby is experiencing a medical emergency, it is imperative to call for help as quickly as possible and that the right type of care is given. Different care is given based on whether the child is responsive, breathing, bleeding, burned, poisoned, seizuring, and so on. Make sure you can respond quickly and accurately.

In Basic First Aid, you learn what to do in a medical emergency situation and how to ensure you stay safe. How to choose the right activities that are age appropriate. How to recognize and handle certain behaviors.

Digital Certificates

All our courses offer Digital Certification, which provides anytime, anywhere access to your training history and course certificates. Digital certificates can be viewed, printed or shared online.

Each certificate includes a unique ID and a QR code which meets employment requirements and allows for easy certification validation. There is no need to carry your printed certificate around anymore!